Here’s what others have to say after they have spent a day out with me.

At the age of 47 I decided to return to fishing after a 30 year break! What a difference it was fishing a modern commercial!

After 2 years of driving myself mad I decided to take the plunge and invest in a lesson! After much investigating I decided to contact Paul through Facebook.

The date was set for late September at Monk lakes in Kent. A very breezy day awaited us. After having a chat with Paul, he decided that the best thing for me would be to sit with the wind coming into our face, rather than sit with the wind off our backs as we would learn more. We both set up, and then Paul said for me to sit with him for the first part to see what and why he does what he does and for me to ask any question as we went along.

10 minutes into the session Paul said we needed to change bait as the presentation wasn’t right! He then proceeded to tell me why he felt we needed to change the bait …first put in and fish on! This continued for most of the day! Switching between my peg and his peg explaining the different reasons for the different situations.

For me the after service from Paul is second to none he is always at the end of the phone for a quick chat and helpful advice! His love and passion for fishing is unbelievable. I would class Paul as a friend now and not just someone who wants to take your money and run! The day was all about what I wanted and not about what was easier for Paul!

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Paul for a lesson.

Garry Cooper.

What a day with Gurus Paul Holland...

After a bit of deliberation I decided I would take the plunge and have a day’s coaching with Paul to try and improve my waggler fishing!

Two things before I go into the day and what it looked like: Why did I want some tuition and why Paul?

Firstly I had felt that in the warmer months when the waggler played a big part in the matches I fish, I felt I could catch on it but really struggled to compete against the people who were obviously significantly better at it than me!

Secondly why did I choose Paul, as there are a number of anglers that offer coaching days. Well after seeing his consistency in results at Gold all year round but particularly in the waggler months. What really stood out was even if he drew in the not so good areas he would always manage to compete if he got the waggler to work.

But more importantly than his results is how approachable and willing to help he is. Whoever asks for his advice he always makes time and explains things in a structured and understandable way, if there is anyone who is so willing and approachable on the bank I'm yet to meet them.

On the day itself, we arrived at Gold Valley to be greeted by a lovely warm day with a slight breeze, the perfect waggler weather I had hoped for!

After purchasing our day tickets we headed off to the far side of the Syndicate lake and set up in the middle of the far bank on pegs 125 and 127!

Once I was ready Paul came and explained some things that he believes makes the difference in his fishing and covered feeding, the set up and work rate! Then he got me to start fishing. To say it took some getting used to was an understatement but after numerous bad casts and the float not ending up anywhere I wanted it, it did start to become easier!

Then guess what happened, I started to catch! The bites were hilarious the rod basically got dragged in time and time again!

We then went through the lead set up for later in the matches and if conditions don't allow you to fish the waggler correctly!

After catching a load on the waggler, we went on the bomb and caught loads more!

What was great about the day was Paul explained why he felt things were important and not just how to catch! This really helped with my confidence as it made sense and instantly I could see a number of things I had been doing wrong.

In the following weeks I fished some opens at Gold and guess what I won a few matches on the waggler and regularly won my section when in harder areas!

Thanks Paul I can't speak highly enough about what I got from the day. Your patience, calm approach and explanation of everything was spot on!

Jon Cook

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