About Me

I have been fishing for as long as I can remember! In the early days it was all about canals and rivers, I suppose it helps to have one in your garden! I’m not a millionaire on the Thames, but it did mean I spent most of my time down there. I’m just obsessed with fishing!

For the last ten years I would say that I have been fishing at the highest level, being part of the almighty Daiwa Dorking squad and winning a few team medals along the way.

For the last four years although I have fished the odd team match I have made the decision to concentrate on the individual type matches like the UK Angling Championship and the White Acres festivals.

For me my main goal every year is consistency. I want to make sure that no matter what the venue or the style of fishing I want to be one off the lads to beat and I feel that in these events I have achieved that.



2 x super league final winner

2 x winter league final winner

Division 2 national winner

Commercial national winner

Maver Match This Team winner and twice runners up

ACA team winner

Tunnel Barn Farm teams of four winner

Maver Pairs runners up and two 3rds


2 x White acres festival winner

2 x UK round winner, best finish 3rd overall

3rd overall in the Division 2 national

4 x Parkden finalist  

Group Days

Paul Holland Group Days Fishing Coaching Further Details...

One to One

Paul Holland One to One Fishing Coaching Further Details...

Bomb & Waggler Fishing

Here is a video on Waggler and Bomb fishing that I produced with my sponsors Guru to give you a little insight into how I can help you with your fishing.